Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Top Blush Picks For Spring! 2012

Hello everyone! :) I'm so glad that Spring is just around the corner ( atleast I hope it is ) so I can finally enjoy the nice weather instead of having snow falling in my face :p haha anyways if you guys are a long time reader of my blog then you know that I'm blush lover aka hoarder and if I were only allowed to collection one makeup item it would probably be blushes :) I don't know why but it's just the colors of them that make me happy seeing them haha wow I just sounded really dumb there -___- Anyways as you can tell from the title that I have went through my collection and picked out the ones that I will most likely use the most during the Spring/Summer time so let me get started :)

Pretty Pretty!

With Flash!

Another shot!

It seems like I like taking photos with and without flash ALOT! lol..

The Stars!

NARS Deep Throat || MAC Subtle Breeze || MAC Pinch O' Peach || Sephora Healthy Rose || Maybelline Plum Wine || Maybelline Peach Satin || MAC LadyBlush || MAC Danity

Swatches without flash!

I'm really loving the ones that I've picked out because there's different varieties that can go from daytime to nighttime which I like, and there's plenty of pinks and peachy/coral ones there for me to play around with.

I would also like to share with you guys two blushes that I would always pair together because they just look so gorgeous when put together and it is MAC LadyBlush and MAC Pinch O' Peach ( Haha, of course they both had to be MAC ) It gives me the perfect pinky glow I want :D You guys should try it out if you can! I forgot to get a picture of them together maybe next time :)

Well that's pretty much it from me, can't think of anything else I want to say expect I'm in love with blushes! :D haha well if you guys want any reviews on any of the blushes here just let me know and I will try my best to get the review up as soon as possible! :)

And of course I always want to know what are you favorite blush picks for the Spring/Summer time, leave it in the comments below!

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