Monday, May 9, 2011

A Blush A Day: Day 6 ft. Benefit Coralista

I hope I'm on track with the posting haha but let's get on with today's blush star which is Benefit's Coralista! I really adore the packaging on these boxed blushes by Benefit, it gives each blushes their own personality it seems and I also love the names of the blushes, very unique.

Front View

Back View

A Closer View Of The Blush

The One And Only Swatch

My Little Review!

The pigmentation is awesome! You only need one or two swipes and it'll give you an amazing coral colored glow to your skin.

Finish: Glowly haha

Value: $36 CAN

Repurchase: I would but I just saw on the Sephora website and it seems that they down sized the size of the blushes & blushes in half or so but it's still the same price ... $36 is pretty expensive for a blush to be honest.

Lasting Power: 6 to 8 hours

Overall Thoughts: I really love the brand Benefit cause their products have such cute packaging and the names of some of the products are just too darn cute! And the blushes seem to have a nice scent to it as well; Coralista has a rosy smell to it and it smells divine! :)

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