Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Went Crazy For My Beauty Diary!

Well if the title doesn't give it away then I don't know where you have been! Haha just kidding but I was at the mall last week and I randomly went into T&T ( an asian supermarket ) to grab some snacks and while I was browsing I saw a sign for " My Beauty Diary ", I went straight towards the sign. They were having a sale on their sheet masks and as a sheet mask junkie I definitely grabbed some as it was on sale for $11.99 CAN from $15.99 ( that is a $4 difference!! Totally bringing out my asian-ness haha ). And these were the pack of 10 sheet masks if you were wondering! :)

The store was also having another promotion saying if you bought any My Beauty Diary products that were part of the sale you get a 2 pack Bird's Nest sheet mask for $1.99 and these usually run for $3 to $4 so of course I run on that promotion too.

I think I have enough sheet masks to last me AWHILE until they have their next sale.. hehe

Left to Right: Apple Polyphenol, Aloe, Bulgarian White Rose

The Aloe and Bulgarian White Rose are in the Top 5 for Best Sellers. I've tried the Aloe before and LOVED it! So I'm hoping I'll love the other two or I'll just have to give it away to friends or something.

The 3 packs of Bird's Nest that I got for $1.99 when you buy any My Beauty Diary items that were part of the sale.

If you wanted me to do a review on any or all of the sheet masks just let me know in the comments! :)

These are new to the My Beauty Diary line and I thought I would give them a try and then do a full review! :) So stay tuned if you want to know more!

Left to Right: Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser, Rose & White Peony Sleep Concentrate, Orange Blossom & White Lotus Moisturizing Mist

The cleanser and sleep concentrate was $9.98 CAN and the mist was $2.48 CAN. Not sure if this is the regular price or the sale price.

Well this concludes my post! So for my Canadian girls if you have a T&T near by, go and have a look and see if there's anything that you want because the price is definitely worth looking at. And if you already use My Beauty Diary then I suggest stocking up! LOL!

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