Friday, May 4, 2012

My Top Spring Picks For Lipsticks/Lip Glosses 2012

Hello hello!! :) It's been a while since I last blogged but if you've been reading my last couple posts then you know that I'm getting ready for my vacation to Hong Kong which is going to be happening in 3 days!!! :D Super duper excited!!! I will be doing a update post next to explain some things as well :) Anyways since my Top Spring Picks for Blush was such a hit I thought I would do a Top Spring Picks for Lipstick/Lipgloss 2012 so let me get started :) 

The Stars! :) 

Sorry if I blinded you with the flash -___- 

Here's a better view of them! :) 

Swatches! Without flash! 

Swatches! With flash! 

The Stars! ( From left to right )

Revlon Pink Truffle || Revlon Lollipop || Revlon Sweet Tart || Sephora Crazy Coral || MAC Hot Gossip || MAC Nymphette || Benefit Life On The A List 

It seems like I'm going for more of the pinks then the corals this spring but there's nothing wrong with that :) And the selection that I have here I can definitely wear during the daytime and night time. And the two lip glosses that I chose and go with some of the lipsticks but they look great on it's own on the lips as well. 

If I had to pick a favorite out of the ones here I would have to pick Hot Gossip and Lollipop just because they are the brighter colors and it'll make any eye look stand out :) and of course it's fitting into the whole bright lips trend that's going on at the moment! 

Well that's all from me! :) I hope that you guys enjoyed this and please let me know what are your top spring picks for lip products :) 

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