Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In " Naked " News..

It's been a while since I last went on here but I have been keeping myself busy with work and going to the gym and today is my day off so I thought I would blog a little bit! So I haven't really done any makeup hauls lately just cause I'm actually waiting to when I go to the U.S ( Las Vegas to be exact! ) to purchase more makeup items because you all know that everything is cheaper there and you can get awesome deals especially with drugstore items such as Buy One, Get One 50% or even Buy One, Get One FREE!  I'm sure that I'll be doing a haul post for when I come back so look out for that! =) But for now enjoy this really tiny haul! 

I'm sure from the title you can tell what I'm going to be sharing with you.. Come on take a guess! If you guessed Urban Decay Basics Palette then give yourself a round of applause! =D 

Yes, I finally got my hands on this baby! When it first came out at the end of December or beginning of January, I didn't really see the need to get this palette just because I had so many neutrals in my collection. But when my sister mentioned that she wanted to get her hands on it ( she's not the makeup type of girl, while not yet ;] ) I thought I would go look for it. So of course the Sephora that was near my house was sold out and I didn't want to travel to the other Sephora in town because it was getting cold out. 

And during that time I read and watch several reviews on this palette and I had convinced myself that I wanted this palette. (  The power of the blogging world and Youtube! Sigh lol! ) So just yesterday me and my sister went to a different mall with a Sephora there, I decided to check it out and they had a stand filled with this palette so I was definitely a happy camper =D 

Isn't is pretty?! =) Now let's see how it fits in with the family! 

It seems like it will fit right in! =) I think I will be done with buying more neutral shades palettes for right now! And I will be doing a review on this palette and possibly adding the other two in there as well so definitely stay tune for that! ;) 

Anyways that's all that I have to share and I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and what are some items you guys hauled recently? =)

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