Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collective Haul For April!

Hello! I'm just in a blogging mood I guess lol so here's another one! So this really isn't much for a collective haul but it'll do :) let's get started!

These items are from Sephora!

First up is the Benefit's Total Moisture Facial Cream from their new skincare line; I've used it for atleast two weeks now and so far I'm liking it, hasn't broke me out and it has a pleasant scent to it. I think I might go and grab some other things from the line.
Next is Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer in Bisque; I have been eyeing this since two months ago and I was never able to find my shade but now I got my hands on it and I'm a happy camper cause I'm ready for the hot weather and put this baby on my face!
Last thing I got was a 100 point perk when I was checking out and I picked the Fresh Soy Skincare pack, I haven't used it yet so I can't say anything about it at the moment.

These items are from The Bay!

First item was from the MAC counter and I only got one thing and it was Ever Hip Creamsheen lipstick from their new collection Fashion Flower. I can't believe this color is already sold out at my counter, I wanted to get a backup because I love the color so much and it is a limited edition item but I guess I'm out of luck :(
Next was the Chanel counter; one of the girls that worked at the counter told me that the new summer collection was out and told me to check it out so I did cause I'm a sucker like that.. Anyways she was saying that the bronzers in this collection was selling like hot cakes and then said that I would really like it as well cause you can use it as a blush or even eyeshadow and I guess you could say I was sold like who doesn't like a multi-purpose product? Next she told me about the eyeshadow quad and it actually had some pretty colors like a light and dark green, a pink and a gray seemed like a good quad to me so I took that as well. While she was getting the products she also said that I was eligible for a free full size product and there was three to choose from, I think it was a facial scrub, eyeliner and hand cream I just took the hand cream cause I had many facial scrub and plenty of eyeliners haha

* The name of the items!
- Soliel Tan De Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzing Powder in 547 Bronze Rose
- Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow in 32 Lilium
- Body Excellence Creme Jeunesse Nourishing and Rejuvenating Hand Cream

The bronzer and eyeshadow quad is limited edition items so if you want them now, go get them now! *

Well that's it for post! I'll probably be doing a collective haul post at the end of each month unless I'm really excited to share my purchase(s) that I bought the same day. Hope you guys stick around :)

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