Sunday, July 24, 2011

Juicy Couture & Pandora Haul

Hey Guys! I am back with yet another short haul but this time is different because it doesn't involve makeup, it involves jewelry ;) I did splurge a little bit in this department as well and I'm loving all the things I got and I'm sure that I'll be sharing more jewelry hauls later on.

Items & Pricing!
- Juicy Couture Watermelon Earrings: Originally $54 CAN Got it on sale for $26 CAN
- Juicy Couture Watermelon Bracelet: Originally $54 CAN Got it on sale for $26 CAN
- Pandora's Silver Bracelet with Bead Hearts with Rose Enamel Charm: $147 CAN

Well that's all that I got and I hope you guys enjoyed this!

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