Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Blush A Day: Day 7 ft. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Nectar

It's only been 4 days since my last blog post so I think I'm doing pretty good right? :) And yes I'm bringing back my ABAD Project back and I know I have been slacking on this one for a while but I'm going to try and keep it up now! I probably won't post it each day but maybe every so often until I reach the 30 blushes HAHA It still counts right? :) Yeah I'm just making up excuses.. anywho let's get on with the blush!

Front View

With Flash & Without Flash

The First 4 Swatches Are The Strips By Its Self From Top To Bottom; Last Swatch Is All Of Them Together

My Mini Review!

Intensity: The pigmentation is really good and it also goes on the skin smoothly. You can use the strips individually or all together so you'll get different shades of peachy pink, I also heard that you can use these are eyeshadow... Now I personally haven't tried that and I don't plan on it but I think the other colors of shimmer brick compacts might work better for that usage.

Finish: Shimmery ( Haha hence why it's called Shimmer Brick Compact xD )

Value: $49.oo CAN

Repurchase: Probably not because I haven't even hit pan on this one but sometimes when I use it, I find it to be a little bit too shimmery for my taste so I would probably use a matte or cream blush first and then layer this on for a nice glow. And price is also a factor in why I wouldn't repurchase it.

Lasting Power: 6 to 8 hours

Overall Thoughts: This product is something that's nice to have but it's not really a must have to be in your makeup collection.


  1. Great review little missy~ <3<3<3

    The Nectar Shimmer Brick is so pretty~ I've heard good things about these! Yes - it would probably be a while until you hit pan on this!
    I really love the shade where all of them are swatched together - lovely peachy coral~~

  2. @PopBlush: Thanks hun! :) <3 Have you tried them before?

  3. The colors are really pretty! It seems like a lot of brands are making shimmer bricks nowadays...I agree though. The price is quite a turn off for cheaper alternatives. :(

  4. @Amyboo: The only one that I can think of it Physicians Formula makes shimmer bricks alike products haha. Yeah the price is a big factor and when we go for the cheaper alternatives, they might not be as great as the higher end, sigh lol