Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: MAC Colourization Collection

I'm back with another review for MAC! Woot woot! Three blog posts in a week?! That has got to be a record for me personally LOL! But my girl PopBlush updates every single day! I don't know how she does it but her blog posts are awesome go catch her out if you haven't already! Anyways let's get started with this review! ( Hopefully it'll be a short one hehe ) And I do apologize for the poor quality pictures :( It's still bad quality even though I take them during daylight... that's just sad now. LOL


* Yeah these pictures don't do any justice I swear -___- *

A Little Bit Of Information On The Collection!

" Couples can be seemingly mismatched…but when it works, it’s wonderful! These Duos for Eyes are doubly dramatic, with two shades combined in sophisticatedly unexpected ways…so much so that we call them M·A·C DOUBLE FEATURES "

* Information was taken from Temptalia, credits goes to her! :) *

My Thoughts!
I was on my way to the MAC counter to check out the Semi Precious Collection that just came out and I noticed that they had another stand of duo eyeshadows so I checked that out as well. Knowning me I went for the neutral pairing of them all which was Double Feature 5; a pale frosty peach/ dark brown with green pearl.

After purchasing it, the next day I try it out and I liked the duo together! The pale frosty peach gives the eyes a little bit of brightness and the dark brown with green pearl gives the eyes more definition when you use it in the crease. But I do have one complaint about the pale frosty peach is that I feel it's a little bit chalky, and when I was trying to apply the color on my lids I felt like I had to pack on the color to get it to show up :/ so I knew that this color was only good for like highlighting your brow bone or your inner corners of the eyes. I would also think about which duo you would get more wear out of because if you like only one color out of the two in a duo then you're basically paying $25 or $30 for one eyeshadow and that's not worth it at all. But in all seriousness I do like this duo and I might go back and get maybe one or two more duos :)

- The pricing for this duo is $30 CAN and $25 US
- The eyeshadows are NOT removable, they are glued shut
- Depending on which duo you get, some are 0.09 oz and others are 0.10 oz ( I don't know why that is )


  1. Yay~~~ Glad your back with another post! Lol! I surprise myself sometimes at how motivated I am.

    This duo seems like a great everyday neutral duo. I love how that brown gives off the green pearl~ SO nice~

    Mac Semi Precious collection have really nice products but they're pretty pricey here =(

    Keep the posts coming girl~ Xoxoxox

  2. thanks for the review, MAC is one of my favorite brand =D

  3. nice review, this MAC duo look so nice :D

  4. @PopBlush: I'm slacking with my posts again D: LOL tell me some of your secrets ;)

    It is the perfect duo for an everyday look! I love it! Hehe

    Awwe really? It's getting pretty pricey over here too and apparently they raised the prices on their products again :S

    @LinaKim: Thanks for stopping by! :) I'll definitely have more reviews for MAC so stay soon if you want ;)

    @Cominica: You're welcome! :)

  5. The brown shade is really really pretty! :D I think the two colors do go well together!

  6. @Amyboo: It really is a unique color :) and thank you for commenting!