Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection! Part 7: " Browns " And Follow Me On BlogLovin!

Hello Everyone! I'm almost done with my nail polish collection posts! :) I'm so happy! This is probably one of my " favorite " color of the rainbow or spectrum however you want to say it, just because it's probably the color that you can't go wrong with ( well besides pink ) . I was never into the " browns " of the nail polish world but once I was seeing it on beauty blogs, the color started to appeal to me so my lesson is to give every color a try out, you might be surprised in what you'll fall in love with!

Sephora By OPI's Leotard Optional || Butter London's Yummy Mummy || Rimmel's Steel Grey || Over The Taupe || Orly's Rage || MAC's Soiree || OPI The Muppets Collection's Designer.. De Better! || Sephora By OPI's Almost Famous

Swatches! In the same order as above! :)

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this short post! And I'm definitely looking forward in posting the last of this series :) And don't forget to follow my blog using BlogLovin! ( Click here to read why! )The link is on the right side! But until next time! <3

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