Friday, April 20, 2012

How To Get The Glow-y & Bronze-y Look ( Part 1 )

Hello everyone! =) So we all know that summer is just around the corner for most of us which means everyone is gonna go for the glow-y & bronze-y skin and I'm gonna show you some of the products I will be using to achieve that look! I'll also be doing it in two parts because it will be way too long if I crammed it into one post, so today I will be doing the " glow-y " part of the look! =) 

Look at all that products! =) 

First off I'm going to start with the liquid type highlighters, and I will say that I do prefer the liquids over the powders just because I believe that it has a longer lasting power on my face and I don't want to be re-applying through out the day. 

These are the only ones I own but I love them! 

Benefit's High Beam 
MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel 
Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl 

As you can see that they have different types of application! They all work great! 

Swatches! From Top to Bottom! 

Girl Meets Pearl
Pink Rebel 
High Beam 

* Second swatch is the product blended out! * 

As you can see they are different shades of color! 

High Beam: I would describe it as a pink-y color with a shimmering frost, this would be perfect for when you're going out at night to the clubs or whatnot and you want to have that glow-y look in those pictures. 

Pink Rebel: I would describe this one as a bronze-y pink and this would be perfect for when you're going to the beach or to a amusement park ( yeah I'm just making this stuff up lol ) and you want that glow-y yet bronze-y look at the same time. 

Girl Meets Pearl: Now I will say that this is probably my favorite out of the three just because I can use this as a daily highlighter and I wouldn't have a problem with if I had to re-apply it. This is more on the pinky side as well but it matches well with my asian skintone and it gives me the natural look =) I would definitely recommend this to all my asian girls! 

Now on to the powders! 

Like I said before I'm a fan of the liquid highlighter more then powder but it doesn't stop me from using them because there's some that are gorgeous and can't be found in a liquid form! 

The ones I have here are: 

MAC Beauty Powder in Play & Proper
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Redhead 
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Semi Precious Crystal Pink 

Aren't they pretty? =) 

Swatches! From Top to Bottom! 

Semi Precious Crystal Pink
Play & Proper 

I seriously feel bad for showing you guys these because they are limited edition so you can't get them anymore =( But if you have a CCO ( Cosmetics Company Outlet ) near by I would suggest checking there cause they might have it and for cheaper then the actual retail price. 

Semi Precious Crystal Pink:  I would have to describe this as a shimmery pink-y champagne color with a little bit of bronze in it. This is probably my favorite out the three I have here just cause it goes will with my skintone and it looks great when I'm standing in the sunlight =) LOL 

Redhead: I would describe this one as a golden to a pink-y gradate and this would be more of a blush to me then a highlighter just cause the colors are a little bit darker to be a highlighter but  if you just use the gold side then it'll be okay to be a highlighter. 

Play&Proper: I would describe this one to be a powder form of the Benefit's High Beam, now I know that this is a beauty powder and it's not really used as a highlighter but it goes on well as one! But I will say that the pigmentation for this one isn't all that great, you'll probably have to use a couple swipe with your brush to get the effect you want. 

Well I hope that you guys enjoyed this post of what products I use to get the " J.Lo Glow " for my skin ') HAHA! and for the next post I will be showing you what products I use to get the bronze-y look for the summer time! 

But I want to know what are the products you use to achieve the glow-y look? =) Well until next time! <3

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