Thursday, April 19, 2012

MAC Swatch Galore ft. Tres Cheek & Extra Dimension Collection

Hello! This is going to be short but sweet post because I'm just going to be showing you swatches of the MAC items I bought recently that sold out in like a couple hours or even a day! So I thought I would post it early so for you girls or guys that haven't had the MAC collection(s) released in your area/country yet :) Enjoy! 



They are so pretty huh? :) 

The swatches are so pretty hey? Well atleast I hope so! 

From Left to Right! 

Pink Tea || Love Cloud || Modern Mandarin || Immortal Flower || Peony Petal || Whisper Of Gilt || Sweet Heat


Now I haven't tested all of them out yet because they are just so pretty to look at! But I will say the collection with the 6 blushes is called Tres Cheek so probably a must have for all blush lovers! Trust me, you will regret it if you don't get atleast one or maybe even all of them cause I haven't seen MAC release a blush collection quite like this! 

Now from the Extra Dimension Collection I would probably only recommend the skinfinishes because they are definitely something unique and again this is something MAC hasn't released something like this before and it's definitely worth the money! :)  

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