Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Have A Thing For Earrings Apparently..

Hello!! Long time no see!!! Man I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I last updated, but it was due to my trip to Hong Kong and there was no wifi/internet where I was staying at so I couldn't update at all! But now I'm back and I have a whole lot of things to share with you guys!! 

Now I would be sharing with you what I bought in beauty products but I think I'll hold on to that a little longer so stay tuned for that ;) For now I will be doing something a little different and sharing with you guys all the accessories ( it's mainly earrings like seriously ) I got from the trip! What I love about them is that most of them are hand made so you can't get them any where expect in Hong Kong, that will probably explain why I bought so many pairs.. LOL! So get ready for an explosion of pictures and cuteness!! :D 

The pile of goodies! :) 

Now if you lost count in how many earrings there was, well I'll tell you that there was 25 pairs!! Haha isn't that insane or what? But I will say that I have a thing for shiny/sparkly things :D and what I loved them more was that it was fairly cheap the most I paid for a pair was $99 HKD which works out to be around $13 CAD which is fairly decent! And they are definitely something that I wouldn't find back here in Canada so I just had to have them! I should say that they usually have sales too so it's a even better deal :) Just have to shop around! 

Well that's all that I have to share right now! I'm editing more pictures at the moment so please bare with me :) Anyways I hope that you guys enjoyed this and I will be back with some more goodies! Oh and let me know which pair(s) of earrings are your favorites :) 

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