Friday, June 1, 2012

$13 Shoes!

Hello again! I'm getting close to sharing with you guys what makeup products I bought in Hong Kong but I wanted to share with you guys what shoes I got because they are adorable and affordable! ( hey, that kind of rhymed :) I think ) Now I may not have gotten as much as my friend Stacey at The Makeup Edition Click to see her shoe post! :) but it's something! So let's get started! 

I LOVE these! Even though they are a little bit big so I have to wear an insole but still they are so freaking cute!! If you couldn't tell from my last post I'm obsessed with bows! :) 
This was around $98 HKD which comes to around $13 CAD so I just had to get them! 

My sister was the one that pointed out this one and saying that they were really comfortable and of course I had to try it out for myself and she was right! So of course I couldn't pass it up and I thought that they were be perfect for work as well :) 
These ones were also around the $98 HKD price range. 

I thought this one was really cute on the rack and they definitely were cute on my feet so it was sold! I don't own much nude shoes in my collection ( not even heels ) so I thought I would hunt for some and I'm glad that I found one pair :) 
This one was also around the $98 HKD price range. 

This last one was a " splurge " for me ( well not really lol ) It is from the brand Lacoste and it only costed me $450 HKD which converts into $60 CAD and I'll say that it was a awesome deal because Lacoste shoes don't come that cheap over here, the ones I've seen cost around $200 price range and I would never ever pay that much for shoes ( unless they are Christian Louboutins ;] ) 
I thought this pair would be perfect for the spring/summertime and the color is really cute, don't you think so? :) 

Well that's all that I have to share for now, and I promise that the next post will be the makeup products I bought in Hong Kong so definitely stay tuned if you want to see ;) 

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