Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Palette Phenomenon & Mini Essie Haul!

Hello!! Long time no blog!! I seriously miss blogging  but I've just been so busy lately and on some days I just don't feel like doing anything so that would explain the lack of blog posts coming from me but that's okay because I'm here now to post! 

If there is a different makeup item that I like purchasing besides blush it would definitely be eye shadow. I'm not too sure why but I just like purchasing it and I usually go for the neutrals/browns because it's the easiest color to pull together without thinking too much. Speaking of neutrals/browns, you guys were probably thinking " oh no! It's another Naked review! " well don't worry because it's all about the drugstore! I mean having a high end neutral palette is wonderful but you do find the occasional gems at the drugstore and I'm here to share with you guys some I have! 

I'm going to make this a five part-er because it'll just be too much to handle in one post! So without further a do, let's get started! 

The Potential Stars! 

First up! NYX 10 Color Eye Shadow Pallet in Champagne & Caviar 




My Review!

At the time I was really excited to see NYX cosmetics being sold at a grocery store that I normally don't go to but I thought I would take the opportunity to purchase one and see what was all the hype about =) 

I have to say that I'm 50/50 about this palette, I mean I love the pigmentation of these eye shadows but it's the fall out that comes with it that is turning me off from using it. I would have to do my eye shadow first if I were to be using this and I normally start with my foundation routine so that would throw me off haha! 

Besides the fall out problem, everything else is good such as the pigmentation that I mentioned above, the colors are very much the ones I would go for and all of them are easy to blend with! This is a good palette for anyone that is a beginner in makeup and don't want to spend $60 on a palette. 

I know in the States, NYX cosmetics is easily accessible at places such as Ulta, Walgreens and some Nordstroms are starting to sell it. Now for where I live here in Canada I found this at a Save On Foods which was really random and there's some Rexall drugstore sells it too! But the sad part is that both locations don't sell the full range of NYX which is disappointing =( 

Well that's all for my review! I hope that you guys enjoyed this and if you guys follow me on instagram ( lilh3artz ) then you know that I recently got four new nail polishes and I just can't wait to paint my nails these wonderful colors!! =D 

From left to right! 

Penny Talk, Camera, Lights, Mademoiselle 

I was trying to get my hands on Penny Talk from the new collection because it is described as the perfect rose gold, I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know if that is true =) Now for the colors " Camera " and " Lights " I have never ever seen before but it was on a Essie display so I didn't know if they were limited edition or not but I wanted to pick them up because they are the brightest colors I have ever seen and they look perfect for the summer time so it was a must have! As for " Mademoiselle " I have been contemplating for a while because everyone has been raving about it in the blogging world and also saying that it's the perfect wedding color and the perfect color to pair with when doing french tip manicure =) 

Anyways I hope that you guys enjoyed my review and a mini nail polish haul! Until next time!! =) 

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