Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Blush A Day: Day 1 ft. MAC Pinch O' Peach

Hello! I'm very excited to start this little project so without further a do I'm going to start off with a blush that was left in my collection for a while but rediscovered it recently haha! I do want to apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures because I don't get good lighting in my room and by the time I do these blog posts, it's almost dark out >_>

The Front View

The Back View

A Closer View Of The Blush

Some Swatches

My Little Review!

Intensity: Like most of the light colored blushes, the pigmentation isn't that great with just one swipe so you do want to apply at least two swipes of the blush and this color is definitely buildable.

Finish: It looks matte on my face haha

Value: $23.50 CAN

Lasting Power: It lasted on me for at least 6 to 8 hours.

Repurchase: I'm not too sure if I would repurchase it cause it a really pretty color but it's not really a favorite of mine either, so it's 50/50 for me haha!

Overall Thoughts: I think this color would look good on any skintone and I think it would also be a good color for people that are starting out with makeup, you can't over do it with this color :)

Well that concludes my first ABAD blog post and I'm already excited for tomorrow to post my next one! :D haha
Be sure to check out the girl behind this project Jennifer's Blog. THANKS! ;D

What Is A Bluah A Day?

Its a project where you showcase a blush and give a mini review on it for the next 30 days/a month. So dig out those blushes, who knows you might discover that you loved before and just left it behind.


  1. Oh, MAC's Pinch o peach was the first ever blush I purchased from MAC! hehe!
    It's emptied now but I do remember it being very pigmented! I am really looking forward to your ABAD posts babe.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! :)
    I think this was my first blush to purchase at MAC too :D haha we already have something in common LOL!
    And thank you! I look forward to your posts too :) hehe