Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Blush A Day: Day 2 ft. MAC Improvise

Woohoo! Its the second day of the A Blush A Day project! Today's blush is a mineralized blush named Improvise and it is limited edition so you can't get your hands on it unless you have a CCO near by and if they have it available. i bought this back when the collection " Color Craft " came out which was two years ago ( wow.. I look like I didn't even use it.. ) and I was using it very single day after I bought it but of course I stopped using it cause I saw prettier blushes.. lol

The Front View

The Back View

A Closer View Of The Blush

Swatch Done Without Flash

Swatch Done With Flash

My Little Review!

I really LOVE the pigmentation this blush gives. Its a really nice orange-y peachy color and it's great for the summer time cause it gives you a nice glow to your cheeks.

Finish: As mentioned above, a glowly effect

Value: I'm not too sure how much I got it for and MAC did do some pricing raising over time but I'm thinking I got it for around $25 CAN

Lasting Power: I would probably have to say 5 to 6 hours

Repurchase: I don't think I can repurchase this one if I wanted to cause it's limited edition haha but it'll take me a while to finish this one anyways

Overall Thoughts: Like I said before this is a great blush for the summer time cause the color just says " Wear me during the summer time! " and it's just an awesome color. Just can't say anything bad about this one lol

Well that's all for my second ABAD post and I can't wait for tomorrow to come and do the next one ;)

Be sure to check out the girl behind this project Jennifer's Blog Thanks! ;D

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