Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Skinfinish

I'm back with a special post for you all HAHA! As you all know that MAC recently released a collection called " Semi Precious " and it's all about the mineralize stuff from the eye shadows to the blushes as well as the famous mineralize skinfinishes. I have to admit that I was pretty excited for the mineralize skinfinishes because I have not owned one before and the price didn't really justify it either until just last year when everyone went CRAZY for the most coveted Stereo Rose which I was pretty sad that I didn't get my hands on it after seeing all the swatches on many beauty blogs but I will be on the lookout for it again when MAC re-release it which won't be for a long time.. Sigh anyways I shouldn't get off topic so let's get on with the review!

( Left: Semi Precious Rose Quartz, Right: Semi Precious Crystal Pink )

Pricing: $33.50 CAN/ $28 US ( Wow! Look at the price difference!! sigh lol )

Color Description: Rose Quartz - Rosy pink base with inner circle of silver, lime, white-pink, and copper; Crystal Pink - Pink champagne base with inner circle of pink, mid-tone green, and bronze

( Top: Without flash, Bottom: With flash ) Sorry for the really bad swatch pictures.. I'll do better next time! :)

Now For The Review!

Description on MAC website: " A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish."

Mineralize Skinfinish are used as a highlighting product for above the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose as well as your cupid bows and it would instantly add the glow that you want during the summertime. I originally was going to just get Semi Precious Crystal Pink because it was the only one that looked suited for my skin tone as a highlighting powder but then when I saw #Temptalia and other beauty bloggers's swatches of Rose Quartz I knew I had to have it as well. I probably wouldn't use Rose Quartz as a highlighting powder but most likely layer it on top of another blush for a nice sheen/glow.

Which one do I like better you ask? I'm loving both of them but if I had to choose I would go with the Rose Quartz because I feel that you can find a highlighting powder just about anywhere.

I also read on Temptalia that they reduced the size of the product from 0.35oz to 0.22oz... I honestly hate it when companies do that because we're paying the same price but for less product? That's what Benefit did when they came out with their new blush Bella Bamba ( 0.42oz to 0.28oz ) and I do believe that they are going to downsize all the blushes from their collection as well so I would go and grab the " old " version asap and get your moneys worth.

Final Verdict!

Do I think these are must haves? Not really, I mean they are nice to have but it's not like " omgosh I have to run to MAC and get them now! " I would probably wait until MAC re-releases some of the older mineralize skinfinish such as By Candlelight, Petticoat or Stereo Rose because you know that those ones are worth the hype.

Well that's my review on these babies! So have you lovelies picked up any of the mineralize skinfinish? Or anything else from the collection? :)


  1. Hihi! I love this blog!

    I found you on beautylish btw, following too =))

  2. Ahh the rose quartz is stunning! I MUST get my hands on it.

  3. @Makeup Insider: Thank you very much! :) Look forward to your comments!

    @Melsusu: It truly is stunning! I was going to pass up on it but all the beauty blogs just made it look so gorgeous haha! Hope you can get your hands on one! :)

  4. I passed on these, despite Rose Quartz looking so pretty. I've got older ones that look similar enough, that I just couldn't justify it.

    They downsized the shadows too.. seems like it's happening everywhere. :/

  5. @Tamara: Yeah I was going to pass on these but I really wanted to see what's good about them mineralized skinfinish haha! I just couldn't wait...

    Really? I didn't even notice! But it seems like all the companies are downsizing on the amount of product but not the price? That's just dumb.