Friday, December 16, 2011

December Haul ft. Philosophy & Revlon

It seems like it's been a while since I last posted something which was only 4 days ago haha! I hate it when I take breaks from the blogging world because I feel lost when I do come back to it HAHA maybe it's just me I suppose :( ANYWAYS! Let's get on with this haul post because I LOVE doing haul posts! :)

The day I purchased my very first Philosophy shower gel in Peaches&Cream was the day I fell in love with Philosophy <3 And I'm sad that I didn't buy back ups of this scent because it's my favorite :'( but I think I found a new love and hopefully it's from the permanent collection which is called " Be Somebody " and the scent is water lily and I absolutely fell in love when I first smelt it just like my other favorite Peaches&Cream. I didn't purchase it in the usual 480ml because knowing me I was a little hesitate but I now know that I'm going to go back and purchase the big bottle of it and possibly the lotion as well :)

The other Philosophy item that I purchased is another shower gel in Cozy and this smells DIVINE!! I think I might need to pick up a back up of this one because it's limited edition and I don't want to regret not buying another one lol. This one is scented with comforting vanilla jasmine and I usually don't like the scent of vanilla but to me I wasn't really able to smell it which is great :)

But yes I will definitely be doing a blog post on all the Philosophy items I have soon :)

The packaging is so cute on the gift box! Don't you agree? :)

What was inside the gift box!

On to the next item(s) that I picked up at the drugstore and it is the most raved about product over in Youtube land and blogging world and it is the Revlon Lip Butters! :) I'm not going to lie but I was on a hunt for these when I first heard about them from amarixe on Youtube and of course living in Canada has it's downside, we always get the products 1 or 2 months after it's been released in the US -_____- but this time I think Revlon released it early in Canada and I think it's because the company knows it's going to sell really well here which is true cause these babies are IMPOSSIBLE to find :(

I'm glad to hear that it's going to be part of Revlon's permanent collection so my Canadian girls, you don't need to worry! Unless you like playing the game Hide & Seek then be my guest! :)

Lovely picture isn't it? :)

Good thinking Revlon! Making the top clear so we can see the color! :)

The shades are ( from left to right ): Peach Parfait, Cherry Tart, Sugar Plum, Pink Truffle & Berry Smoothie

I will eventually do a blog post on these once I have tested them out for a good amount of time but I do have one complaint is that the lid is so hard to get off like I feel I'm going to fling my lipstick at someone if I pull hard enough to get it off lol.

The last two items that I managed to pick up was the second most raved about lip product is Maybelline's Baby Lips! I only picked up one because yet again in Canada things are always over priced -____- the regular price was around $7 and I managed to get it on sale for $6 which is still pretty pricey for a lip balm. I haven't tried it out yet but I'll let you know how I feel about it soon!

The other item is Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer and I picked this up because after seeing makeup guru MakeupByTiffanyD raved about it and everyone after that raved it I decided to give it a go and plus I got it on sale for 50% off of $13.99 so I paid $6.99. I hope this concealer works out for me so wish me luck haha :)

WOW! This is probably one of my most lengthy blog post in a while I'll say :) Anywho I must get going, have an early day at work tomorrow but I want to know if you have tried or have a favorite from Philosophy or the Revlon Lip Butters :)

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