Friday, December 30, 2011

An Update!

Hello my wonderful peeps! :) I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and had alot to eat and drink! With the new year just creeping around the corner I thought maybe I could share with you some of my resolutions that I want to accomplish! :)

- Spend less on makeup and clothing; that would mean I'm putting myself on a cash diet so then I could use up some of my makeup in my collection

- Go on atleast two trips within the year; I have two trips in mind and that would be to Hong Kong and Vegas! Vegas is going to be such much fun now that I'm the legal age ;) haha

- Lose some weight; Yes, this is a typical one but I really want to stick with this one because my sister's wedding is in the planning and I want to look good in the pictures :) and there's gonna be ALOT of pictures on that special day!

- Blog more! I know my blog posts are coming from all different times so I'm gonna try my best to set some days where I will blog something for sure. And I want to do more makeup looks now that I got myself a new camera from Boxing Day ;) all I need to figure out are the camera angles -____- I just can't seem to get it right! Got any pointers?

- Own my very first big girl designer bag; I have my heart set on a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 or 30 in Damier Azur Canvas and I'm going to be one happy girl when I get it because I know I worked hard for it :)

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That's all that I'm gonna say because let's be realistic, if I were to list all of them it would be impossible for me to accomplish so I'm just going to stick with the major ones that I really want to accomplish within the next year! :)

So what are some of your new years resolutions? :)

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