Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Haul To Start Off The New Year!

Hello my lovely friends! I hope everyone had a fun yet safe new years in welcoming a new year :) I hope this year will be a better year just because there'll be some excitement which I'm looking forward too! :) Always, I'm going to get started with my haul! I will say that the next couple blog posts will be hauls just that I've been hauling alot of items, but I'm hoping to pump out more EOTD's and reviews this year rather in having alot of hauls because that's not what my blog is all about LOL! But let me get started before I drag on..

The Items!

So I've been wanting Benefit's Watts Up highlighter ever since it came out maybe a month ago. I don't have much highlighting makeup items and everyone was raving about this one so I really wanted to get my hands on this! The first couple times that I visited Sephora, they were sold out of it so I would double check now and then and finally they had it in stock so I grab it.

So the next item I purchased was definitely an impulse buy which is the Tarina Tarantino Jewel Shadow Palette in Magical. This brand has had some bad reviews on it when it first debuted at Sephora, and I'm assuming they heard the complaints and worked on re-formulating their products. I remember the first time I swatched their eyeshadows when they first came out it was definitely chalky and not pigmentated, but now I'm blown away at the pigmentation. The quality is just as good as any high end brand and I love this palette because it's a taupe-y, pink-y and purple-ish palette and you can definitely use it for day and night. I will be doing a FULL review later on when I've use the palette a couple times so stay tuned!

With Flash!

Without Flash.

So I will admit that I'm not the person to be spending alot of money on skin care items but because of the weather changing here where I live, my skin has been reacting/freaking out so it got me thinking that maybe I should invest in some skin care items and the first place I thought of was Kiehls.

I've heard alot of good reviews on their infamous Midnight Recovery Concentrate and it was definitely something that I wanted to give a try. And the lady that was helping me out said that it is the perfect item for my combination skin ( it works for all skin type she told me )

And she also recommended me this kit which is great for us combination skin girls, the kit comes with a FULL size facial cream, a DELUXE sample size of facial cleanser and a mini size of the facial toner.

I'll definitely be doing a follow up review to let you guys know if these products actually work, if not I'll be on the hunt for some skin care items that actually work for my horrible skin -____- If you have any recommendations let me know! :)

The Items!

What Came Inside The Kit!

The Infamous Serum!

Some Samples That Were Included!
- Eye Alert; Energy booster to combat puffiness and dark circles
- Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment
- Midnight Recovery Eye

Well that was a pretty long post hey? Sorry to keep you guys reading but I hope you guys enjoyed it and like always, have you guys tried any products from these brands? And did they work out for you and have any favorites? :)

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