Friday, January 6, 2012

More Revlon Lip Butters And More Haul!

Hello my lovelies! I just want to say that WOW~ I'm super slow when it comes to the internet because I just figure out how I can use colors for my words * headsmack * -__________- I feel so dumb right now .. Haha! Anyways! Just like in my last blog post I told you guys for the next couple posts it's going to be haul posts well here's another one! And there's going to be just ONE more, then it'll be all about the reviews and EOTD(s)!! This is going to be exciting but without further ado let's get started!

The items in all it's glory!

So first off, if you haven't read my December Haul post * click here * then you'll know that I went on a shopping spree when I found these babies! I seriously blame the internet for making things so hyped up and getting everyone racing to their local drugstores and hunting them down! LOL When I went back the second time, I saw the stand in the same area with alot of the colors still available so I decided to pick some more colors. And I was also glad that I did because it was on sale for $3 cheaper then when I first bought them.

Left To Right: Candy Apple, Fig Jam, Strawberry Shortcake & Sweet Tart

I will mention one thing is that Fig Jam may look scary in the tube but it's actually quite a nice color, it kind of reminded me of Clinique's lipstick in Black Honey I think it was called. I would definitely recommend you guys to go check this color out!

Next item is the newly released boxed powder from Benefit called Hervana. When I saw swatches of this online before it was released at Sephora, I instantly fell in love! And when it was available at the store I had to do a swatch myself and yet again it was love at first sight! I will be doing a review on this baby soon! :)

Next item is one of Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Blushing Bride, I'm not sure if I want to keep this one because I thought I picked up the shade in Exposed which is a really popular color right now, but when I got home it wasn't the right one. So I did the little swatch-a-roo and it's really pigmentated and my little cheeks might not be able to handle it but it'll test it out for a while and then decide to return it or keep it.

The last two items I wasn't able to get individual pictures because I was distracted by someone and you will see in the next photos ;) so the other two items are Maybelline's Lots Of Lashes mascara and MAC Creamsheen lipstick in Fanfare. I've been hearing good things about this mascara and it was on sale at the time so I decided to pick it up but what I didn't realize was that it isn't in the waterproof formula and my stubborn eyelashes need the waterproof formula in order for them to stay curled but I'll see how it goes. And the MAC lipstick was just purchased on a whim.. LOL

So now I'm going to show you a picture of who was distracting me from taking pictures for my blog.. * drum roll please! *

It was THIS little munchkin! :D Isn't she just adorable?! She's my sister and her boyfriend's dog and she's just so cute to be around but sometimes it's a little bit too much to handle, she's like a little ball of energy!! I just can't keep up with her sometimes *sigh* LOL!

Well that's about all I got for today's blog post! And it's a pretty lengthy one too! Hope you guys don't mind that :) But I want to know if you guys tried any of these products yet and do you love them?

I leave you guys with another picture of the intruder ;) I LOVE this photo! Hehe

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