Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection! Part 1: Pinks Part 1

Hello! :) I'm gonna be starting somewhat of a series to show you guys my nail polish collection! I'm not too sure what attracted me to nail polish in the first place because if you asked me what OPI was a couple years ago I wouldn't have a clue what it was, but now I know almost everything about the brand :) And I can definitely tell you that my collection has grown from having 5 bottles to what I have now ( I will be revealing the big number after I have posted everything so stay tuned! ) and I'm quite proud of my collection :) Haha! Anyways I should stop myself from blabbing on so here we go!

Oh! And another thing is that the majority of my collection is from OPI so you'll be seeing alot of limited edition shades! And I'll try my best to name what collection it came from too :)

Look at my wonderful stash! It may not seem alot but there is!

So I'm not too sure what the first two are called because I got it in a gift set that probably came out during the Valentine's Day a couple years ago!

- Forever21 " Pink " ? ( This one didn't really have a name for it when I got it )
- Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj collection
- Sparrow Me The Drama - Pirates of The Caribbean collection
- Pink Before You Leap ( I think this might be limited edition but I'm not sure .. )
- My Address Is Hollywood - Touring America collection

Now the part that you guys have been waiting for is the swatches! I was really debating at the time whether if I should do the swatches but I thought I would be a good blogger and include it in there just in case you guys wanted to get them yourself ;) But I must warn you the pictures aren't going to be as great as it should be, atleast I tried my best right? :)

In the same order as above! :)

Well what do you guys think? :) I hope you guys liked this and I will be posting the rest of my nail polish collection during the week so stay tuned! :)

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