Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection! Part 2: Pinks Part 2

Hello hello! :) I'm excited to be doing a second part of my collection of pink colored nail polishes! If you haven't seen the first part then you can click here to see! Well let me get started with the second part :)

Left to Right:

- Essie's " Cute As A Button "
- Party In My Cabana
- Come To Poppy - Stems collection
- Sally Hansen's " VIP Pink "
- China Glaze's " Broken Hearted " - Crackle collection
- Sephora by OPI's " Diva-In-Training - Glee collection
- Dim Sum Plum - Hong Kong collection
- Sephora by OPI's " Missy Bossy Pants " - Glee collection

Swatches! In the same order as above!

So I organized it by lighter pinks to the darker pinks so the color scheme would look a little bit better haha! Yet again I have to apologize for the bad lightening in the swatch picture because the sun goes away quickly due to the fact it's winter where I live :'( I want the warm weather to come back!

Anyways! This concludes today's blog post! Hope you guys enjoyed it! :)

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