Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Nails Are Getting Some Major Loving Too! ( Picture Heavy! )

Helllo! It's been almost a week since I last blogged so I'm here to share with you some major nail polish haulage that I did recently.. So let's get started! :)

All The Nail Polish In It's Glory! :)

If you guys didn't know that I'm a fan of OPI so when they released the Nicki Minaj collection I went straight for the hair salon I usually get it from and picked up two of the colors Pink Friday and Fly. I thought these two colors are probably the only ones I would actually wear and the blue one seems like a great spring and summer color ( see, I'm already getting ready for summer and winter has just begun where I live -____________- )

Then one day on Twitter I saw @jnguyen56 posted a picture and it was a neutral nail color that I've been looking for and of course it looked really nice on her fingers so that definitely sold me at that point! The color that I picked up is called Leotard-Optional and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that's looking for a great neutral color :)

Now on to my next favorite nail polish brand which is the recently most raved about brand in 2011 and going forward is Butter London. I already own two shades; Yummy Mummy and Royal Navy, and I will say the quality of these are amazing and what makes it even better is that it doesn't contain the harmful toxic(s) that a regular nail polish would have. I would really recommend this brand to everyone to atleast try it once and I find that their colors are more unique then what other brands have.

I Love The Packaging, Don't You? :)

MacBeth: Orangey Coral & Teddy Girl: Pale Bubblegum Pink

Ahh, So Pretty! :)

Well that's all! This was a pretty lengthy one! But the pictures make up for it right? Haha anyways hope you guys are having a great week :)

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