Saturday, January 21, 2012

NCATM! #3 & A Mini Review!

Hello! :) So I finally got off my lazy butt and did my nails! I had Sephora by OPI Leotard Optional on before but knowing me before it even dried I smudged it -_____ - don't you hate it when that happens? Anyways I re-painted my nails and thought I would show you! * Sorry the quality of the pictures aren't great because it's getting dark out faster because winter time is here :( *

Nail Color: Butter London Teddy Girl Accent Nail: OPI's Pink Before You Leap

Now on to the review!

Teddy Girl: A pale retro bubblegum pink

It is a really nice color from the bottle but the application is just BAD! It was all streaky with the first application and then after that it got worse so I shook the bottle just in case it was getting all clumpy inside but the results was still the same; Streaky-ness galore! So what I did was I didn't wipe off the side of the nail brush, I just went and put it on my nail and of course it was way too much but it did the job.

I definitely recommend looking into finding possible dupes of this color because it's just not worth the streaky-ness and the price tag. I was thinking maybe Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj by OPI collection that just came out could be a possible dupe but I believe it's a little bit more pinkier.

Well I hope you enjoyed my mini review on Teddy Girl! Let me know if you have Teddy Girl and have the streaky-ness problem, and also what nail color you're wearing at the moment :)

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