Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Product Review: Chanel Spring Collection Nail Polish

Hello! I didn't think I would be blogging again so soon but I guess I was in the mood again to blog :) Anyways, I haven't been doing much product review because I'm too lazy to take the pictures of the products and type out everything! But you're in for a special treat because I really wanted to do a product review on the recently released nail polishes from Chanel's Spring Collection.

The Infamous Black & Gold Packaging :)

April || May || June

April: Berry Red Cream
May: Intense Pink
June: Pastel Apricot



When I first saw these on Temptalia, I knew I wanted April and May which are the typical shades I would go for. So of course after picking up these two shades, I had regrets not picking up " June " because of all the beauty blogs raving about this color so by the time I went back for it at my local Chanel counter it was sold out. So thankfully the other Chanel counter I went to had the shade or else I would have really regret not picking it up.

Surprisingly " June " is probably my favorite out of the three just because the formula of it is the best, it was really easy to apply and it dried the fastest too. It wasn't streaky and I absolutely adore the color!

The shade that gave me the most problem was probably " May ". I absolutely dislike it because I don't know if my bottle was a defective one because the formula was too thick even when I shook the bottle, it was all streaky even with the second coat. I was really unimpressed with this color because I actually like it, oh wells I guess everything isn't perfect. Haha!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my review on the Spring Collection nail polishes by Chanel and I want to know if you guys picked up any of these shades and how do you like? :)

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