Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Impulsive Buys!

Hello! :) I didn't think that I would be doing a haul post again that quickly but if you know me from my previous posts then you know that I like doing them! But I'm going to be cutting back on these because I need to save up for my trip to Hong Kong during May and I know I will be buying ALOT of cute things and of course makeup so my main goal is to SAVE, SAVE & SAVE!! :) Anyways let me get started!

The Items! :)

Lancome's Rouge In Love Lipstick in 240M Rose En Deshabille
Sample Sizes of 377N Midnight Rose, 340B Rose Boudoir & 322M Corail In Love

Doesn't the color look lovely? :)

MAC Items! :)

Tendertone Lip Balm in Purring || Lustre Lipstick in Dish It Up || Mineralize Concealer in NW30 || Viva Glam Ricky Martin Lip Conditioner || Viva Glam Satin Lipstick in Nicki

Sample Size of Lancome's Genifique Serum || Hello Kitty Nail Clipper

Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie || Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop || Loreal Infaillible Eyeshadow in Permanent Kaki || Loreal Infaillible Eyeshadow in Sahara Treasure

- After trying " Hush Hush " Tendertone, I wanted to pick up the two other ones I had my mind on. I really like them because they are very moisturizing and I LOVE the scent of it! It's not like their typical vanilla scent, it's more of a strawberry-kiwi scent as it says on the MAC website. If you haven't gotten your hands on them then I highly suggest you do!
- I was reading Makeupandbeautyblog just a while ago and I saw that she did a product review on a new concealer by MAC and it kinda intrigued me so I went to my MAC counter and talked to one of the girls and then got shade matched. I will be testing this out after I finish my beloved MAC Prolong Wear concealer, so expect a product review soon!
- I'm usually not the one that is into the whole bright lipsticks but I really wanted to try out the new Viva Glam Nicki lipstick because you know all the colors from that line will suit any skintone no matter what. And I was also reading some blogs and looking at the pictures and the girls that worn them looked really good and they definitely pulled off the color really well :) So I'm hoping I can pull it off too! :D
- After seeing Michelle Phan's Lancome video I wanted to get myself the lipstick that she was wearing in the video but I couldn't remember which one it was so when I went to my Lancome counter I had swatched every single one that I thought would look even close to the one that she was wearing. But of course I didn't find it but I did like the one I purchase because it's a beautiful pinky beige shade and it'll be great for everyday :)
- Yes, I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty, I mean who isn't? So when Sephora & Hello Kitty was coming out with their Spring collection I knew I wanted to get that nail clipper and it was easy tracking it down because it sold out really fast but I went into a Sephora by random and there was only one left so I snatched so no one else would take it! Haha I'm so evil >D
- Yes yes, I bought some more Revlon Lip Butters I just couldn't resist! Of course after seeing Bubzbeauty's recent video, she was wearing Lollipop and it looked really good on her and after that every beauty blog I went to was raving about it so I had to get my hands on them. Every drugstore and Walmart I went to was of course sold out of them until I went to Superstore and I rarely go there for cosmetics, but I think I should because they had almost every shade in stock!
- You've probably seen the Loreal Infaillible eyeshadows appear in a couple of my posts and honestly I think everyone should own atleast one or two from this collection because they are truly worth it. I will be doing a product review on these babies once I have tested out all of the colors :)

Well that was somewhat of a lengthy post hey? But I'm sure you guys don't mind because you don't read it anyways ;) Haha! I'm just kidding! I really do appreciate all the support you guys have been giving me and it's what keeps me going with this blog :) I will definitely be having a giveaway once I have gotten everything so stay tuned! :)

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