Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taupe Smokey Eyes

Hello! I'm excited to say that I finally got off my lazy butt after a long day at work and did a eye look! :) And I was also happy that the photos turned out decent and actually shows off the colors :) Though I will say that I have been having some breakouts so there are spots that aren't pleasant so you have been warned! Let's get started :)

Ahh! My face! xD

It's my face again! xD


- The Original Naked Palette Shades: Hustle ( Crease ), Creep ( Outer Corner )
- NARS Single Eye Shadow in Lhasa ( Lid )
- Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation in 40 Beige
- Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eye Liner
- Benefit's Hervana Boxed Powder
- Maybelline One By One Mascara
- Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

Swatches! With Flash

Left to Right!

NARS " Lhasa " || Naked " Hustle " & " Creep " || Benefit "Hervana" || Revlon "Sweet Tart"

Swatches! Without Flash


- I LOVE the color Taupe! There's just something about this color that I love :) Maybe because it's such a versatile color that I can use for my day and night makeup!
- I only got the NARS eye shadow today, but I'm LOVING it! It's the color that inspired me to do this look :) I will be doing a review on it and maybe comparing it to another eye shadow..
- Loving my Benefit " Hervana " blush because it's such a pretty color and definitely gives me the just went playing in the snow cheeks ( Just cause it's winter where I live.. )
- I thought Revlon's " Sweet Tart " was going to make me look like Nicki Minaj but it didn't, it kinda looks like my lips but SO much better :) definitely recommend you guys to get it!

Well what do you guys think of this look? :) There will definitely be more of this coming up because it's actually really fun to do ( just not the taking pictures because I just can't get it right .. Any pointers? )

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