Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time To Celebrate By Getting Cheeky!

Hello hello my lovelies! I'm very happy to say that this is my 100th post!! I honestly didn't think I would get this far but it's because of you guys reading my posts and leaving comments that make it all worth wild to blog and I just want to thank you guys!! I definitely don't want to stop blogging until I can't anymore LOL! :) If you have been reading my blog for quite some time then you know what I like to blog about the most.. HAULS! And what better to do another one for my 100th post! :) Let me get started because I have alot to cover! 

My Stash Of Goodies! :) Can you guess what they are? 

My Goodies are revealed!! Yes I did go a little MAC crazy ;) It's the brand that got me into the makeup scene so props to MAC! 

From Left to Right: 
Pink Tea || Love Cloud || Peony Petal || Immortal Flower 

The Labels! 


So Pretty Aren't They? 

From Left to Right: 
Whisper Of Gilt || Sweet Heat || Reel Sexy 


OMG! They are too pretty to be swatched! :( 

From Left to Right: 
YSL Glossy Stain in 17 Encre Rose || Victoria Secret Illuminating Face Powder in All Or Nothing


It's so pretty when it's swatched! :) 

I was attracted to the pretty hot pink box.. :) 


Not only does it look good, but it smells good too! :) 


- I haven't stepped into a MAC counter/store since the last time I purchased something which was in February ( I had to backtrack on my blog hehe ) and so when I was on Temptalia's website I saw that MAC was released a collection that was strictly with blushes and if you know me I LOVE my blushes! So I knew that I definitely wanted some before they sold out! 

- When I went to the MAC counter that I usually go to, one of the colors was already sold out and it was only 2 hours since the mall open!! And that shade was the one that I really wanted too and thank god there was a MAC store in the mall so after I grabbed the other shades that were available I went straight to the store and thankfully they had it! I was a happy camper! :) The things I do.. 

- I wanted to get a backup of Pink Tea because it is just a gorgeous everyday shade, I was there the next day and it was sold out already!! I'm still punching myself for not getting one when I had the chance to :(  So if you were wanting to pick up some shades from this collection then I suggest you go EARLY or call your MAC store/counter to hold them for you because  they will honestly sell out really fast! 

- One day I randomly went into Victoria Secret to see if there was anything I liked ( I'm a sucker for lingerie .. is it just me?! ) and of course I walked past the makeup area, and I saw a 50% off sale sign on one stand. So of course I had to browse and I saw the illuminating face powder tester and I swatched it and it was absolutely gorgeous! And I couldn't pass it up for $11 :) The packaging feels a little cheap and it reminds me of Milani 

- I was seriously attracted to the pretty little hot pink box of the Marc Jacobs perfume and I knew that I had to smell it! And I'm glad that I did because it is just AMAZING!  I can honestly say that this could be a wedding scent for me but that isn't happening a LONG TIME from now :) It is a limited edition item! 

Well that's all that I have to share!! I hope you guys aren't sick of me posting so many haul posts! But I promise that I will be posting up reviews and makeup looks more often soon! :) 

P.S!! If you guys didn't read some of my older posts then you probably don't know that I will be leaving to Hong Kong in a month's time for a month's vacation! I pretty darn excited so I'm not too sure if I'll be able to blog as much into between times because there's just so much to do! :( Hope you guys understand but I will be updating before I leave!! :D Much love! <3 

P.S P.S!!! I have recently been obsessed with Instagram!! I've been posting random photos and it's pretty fun!! So I think you guys should follow me if you want to know what's going on with my life! :) 
Username: lilh3artz

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