Thursday, August 23, 2012

Palette Phenomenon Part 2 & Bag Haul!

I am back with another review for " Palette Phenomenon " =) I'm thinking I might do one for my high end eye shadows after I'm done with my drugstore ones, what do you guys think? Anyways let's get started! 

Wet & Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in Comfort Zone 



The Swatches! 

My Review!

I remember when this palette was the talk of the blogging world/ Youtube world when it first came out, and I couldn't find it until the hype was dying down at my local Walmart. 

I definitely like this palette because all the colors are in my " comfort zone " ( HAHA see what I did there ;] ) and the pigmentation is amazing as you can tell from the picture! I also love how easy it is to apply and blend out =) There are also some shades here that can be easily duped such as the first color can be duped for Nylon, the second color from the left is a dupe for All That Glitters and the second color from the right is easily duped for Club. ( All of the shades mention is from MAC's permanent line )

The price of this palette is definitely budget friendly ( around $5 CAD ) and is a great eye shadow starter because you have all of your basic colors. They do have two themed palettes which one is purple and the other one is blue so if you're looking for some colors then keep your eyes out for those ones =) 

Now I normally don't blog about fashion but I thought I would maybe start sharing so here's some purchases that I made over the past couple weeks! 

Look at all these beauties! 

An up close of Michael Kors ;) 

Now if you knew me personally then you would know that I'm not one to spend the money on purses/bags just because if I bought one I would use it for at least a couple years before I would buy a new one but I went to an outlet mall with my sister a couple weekends ago and then I saw the Coach store sign and I knew that I was going to buy a new bag but I ended up with two so I'm super happy about that! 

The one on the left in the first picture is nice if I were to be going out to have a nice dinner/ special occasions because the finish on the bag is really nice and I don't want to get it ruin that fast so I'm saving it for now =P The one on the right is perfect for those days where I don't feel like carrying around alot of things and just something easy to carry around =) 

I love the colors on both of the bags just because it will go with any outfits that I wear! There was a pink one that I saw at the outlet and it was really really cute but I didn't get it because it was way too small, if it was a bigger size then I would have grabbed it in a heart beat! 

As for the Michael Kors clutch, I would just use it for the days I just want to bring my phone, my keys and wallet and go! And of course the night outs with friends =) 

All of these bags were definitely worth the investments because I know that I won't be buying purses/bags for a while now expect if it is the Louis Vuitton one ;) Well until next time! 

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