Sunday, October 28, 2012

Collective MAC Haul ft. Marilyn Monroe & Glamour Daze

Hello hello my lovelies! It really has been a while since the last time I did a post hey? Well I definitely don't have an excuse for that but let's not be a debbie-downer and enjoy this haul! =) 

P.S. This post is going be filled with pictures! 

Surprisingly it's all MAC! 

Such cute packaging right?! 

Seriously loving the bow!! 

Hate the different lighting because it doesn't show the true color of the lipstick! 

Swatches! From Left to Right! 

Glamourdaze, Pure Zen, Deeply Adored, Pink Pearl Pop 

MAC " In The Limelight " 
Ring Finger: Essie " No Place Like Chrome " & OPI " Pirouette My Whistle " 


- When I saw previews of the Marilyn Monroe collection online, there wasn't anything that really popped out at me but I just had to pick something up from the collection and what item do I pick? Yup I went for one of the blushes! ( not pictured ) I picked up " The Perfect Cheek " because it looked like nothing that I had in my collection. And then I started swatching the lipsticks and of course I picked up two shades and one of them was on a whim can you guess which one? If you guessed " Deeply Adored " then you win! The color you see in the tube is what you get on your lips =) 

- Now when I saw previews of the holiday collections I knew that I just HAD to pick something up because it's just so darn cute!! I mean how can you not pick out anything from the collection to take home with you?! I knew that I wanted a eyeshadow palette so I went with the basic color one which was the " Neutral " one. I have been hearing mixed reviews on this one and I have be contemplating on returning it but I thought I would test it out for myself and see first. 

- I officially did my first Back2MAC trade in and it felt really good! I knew that I wanted a new lipstick so I was browsing online to see what colors were in but when I saw Faye Lu Review post on a MAC lipstick I knew I had to get my hands on it. The shade is called " Pink Pearl Pop " ( isn't that such a cute name?! ) and it looked like a really nice everyday type of color that can be used for night time as well =) 

- MAC nail polish is definitely not the best but when I saw swatches of " In The Limelight " I knew that I wanted to get it! ( If you couldn't tell I'm obsessed with minty green nail polish ) I will say that it applies streaky for the first two coats so in that case I would use more nail polish for each coat then normal just to get the color right. 

Well about all that I wanted to share with you guys! For the next post I have a feeling it might be a nail polish haul but I'm not too sure about that but we shall see ;) I hope that you guys are doing well and had a safe Halloween weekend! I want to know what were your costumes?! =) 

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