Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Top Picks For Fall & Winter Lipsticks!

Hhhmm I would say that this is a miracle that I'm blogging a little bit more frequently ( I know it's not as much as I would like to but it's still better then none at all! ) But it's just so tiring from taking the pictures, editing the pictures.. I need a assistant.. just kidding! LOL anyways I should get started with this post.. 

I thought this was a cool shot.. 0_0 


The Stars! ( From left to right ) 
- Revlon " Creme Brulee "
- Revlon " Candy Apple " 
- Revlon " Sweet Tart " 
- Revlon " Lollipop " 
- Revlon " Ruby " 
- Revlon " Rosy Nude "
- MAC " Dish It Up " ( Limited Edition ) 

** Yes I know I have alot of things in the background.. what can I say it's the life of a beauty blogger, or am the only one.. 0_o

The Swatches! 


- I will say that I did not intentionally have all of them from Revlon but it just seems like my favorite shades came from this brand and it's also a drugstore brand which is much affordable ( sometimes.. ) 
- As you can tell the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters don't have that great pigmentation as the other ones but it's still a great product because it leaves your lips feeling moist throughout the whole day. And there's a whole shade range that you can choose from whether you're into pinks, reds or corals there's a shade for everyone =) 
- I definitely love the pigmentation and how creamy the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks are, I would say that the product would last the whole day without applying again, unless you're eating/drinking. And I love the color range of this line as well, there's something for everyone. 
- I don't really have much reds this year just because I haven't really been into reds, I'm leaning more towards the pinks/fuchsia and I don't know why lol 
- When I picked up MAC " Dish It Up " at the time, I thought it looked way to dark in the tube but when I applied it on lightly, it gave me a nice tint of berry purple shade ( it's hard to describe haha! ) like I just ate a popsicle. 

** If I had to choose a favorite out of the batch that I have here it would be Revlon " Lollipop " just because I love the color! And this shade actually looks great on me and I will say when I first picked up the Colorburst Lip Butter way back in the beginning of the year, I was a little bit intimidated by the color but then I learned to like it and how I'm loving it! 

I also feel that this shade it will suit any skin tone! =) So if you haven't grabbed this shade yet, I suggest you try it out for yourself! 

Well that's all that I have to share with you guys, I hope that you guys are doing well and have a safe Thanksgiving long weekend to my Canadians! =) 

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