Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nail Frenzy! ft. Butter London & Essie

I feel like I'm on a row! But I think it's because I had a couple days off from work and I've just been relaxing and enjoying some " me " time =) Anyways I'm sure that most of you guys know that I'm a nail polish lover ( more like a hoarder.. haha ) If you had seen my nail polish collection I have atleast 50 bottles of them! And it has definitely grown since.. no worries, my sister and I share the colors but she's starting to build her own collection =) Okay enough of me blabbing on let's get into the haul! 

P.S.! It's going to be a picture galore! 


- I was really excited when my local department store started carrying Butter London nail polishes ( it would be even better if they started carrying the lip glosses ) so when I saw that they had the holiday collection sets I knew I had to pick one up! 

- I had my eyes on The Black Knight when it came out as an individual limited edition shade but it was readily available so when I saw it in this set I knew I had to grab it and plus the other two colors are gorgeous as well! 

- I have already tried out Fairy Cake and it looks gorgeous over a pale/creamy base color, it kind of reminds me of snowflakes falling from the sky or just Christmas in general. Definitely try it out if you can and tell me what it reminds you of =)

- If you have a store that sells Butter London then I suggest you checking out the holiday collections sets because you're getting your money's worth. I paid $39 CAD for three of them and they are regularly $17 CAD each so it would be $51 CAD if you were to buy at regular price. That's almost like a buy 2 get 1 free =)

- When I saw preview pictures of Essie's Winter collection I knew I had to have Where's My Chauffeur because it looked like it would be the closet dupe to the infamous Tiffany Blue shade. ( If you were wondering if it's close to the shade Turquoise & Caicos , it isn't. Where's My Chauffeur is on the bluer side where Turquoise & Caicos is on the greener side. ) 

- Have to say that Butler Please is a shade that I actually don't have anything in my collection that is even close to it. I painted my nails with this shade and I got compliments on it =) I can definitely see myself wearing this shade all year round ( that's how I see it with all my nail polishes.. LOL )

- I have also tired out Beyond Cozy and it's a gorgeous gold-y & silver-y shade with tiny glitters and it's not a pain to get off. I definitely hate glittery polishes that take forever to take off even when you're soaking your fingers in nail polish remover for so long.. 

Well that's all that I have to share with you guys! Isn't all these nail polishes gorgeous!? =) Have you guys hauled any new nail polishes lately? 

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