Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bliss & Ciate Haul!

Hello my lovely friends! I'm here with another haul! And you guys should definitely expect another coming up pretty soon because here in Canada, the day after Christmas it's BOXING DAY! ( It's kinda like Black Friday ) So I'll probably be picking up some things ;) Anyways let's get to the haul! 

I will say that these two Ciate nail polishes are impulse buys, but they are good impulse buys. I have been hearing good things about this brand so when I saw them at my local department store ( The Bay for my Canadian readers ) I thought I would add some to my purchase. Lately I have been looking for a nice nude that will look good on my fingers so " Ivory Queen " was the one that popped out in my mind when I saw it on the stand. It's a gorgeous light nude with gold flecks in it, you'll have to see it in person. And of course I couldn't let the infamous Tiffany blue shade get away ;) " Pepperminty " looks like a close dupe but we shall see. P.S! Don't you love the little bow detail?! =) FYI: These are the full sized ones. 

First Impression: I will have to say that I'm a fan of this brand already. I like the formula ( it's not too thick or too thin ), the brush is nice and big ( that's what she said.. HAHA I just had to do that =P ) Now I'm testing out how long it'll last.. I will let you guys know later. 

So... this is the main reason why I'm posting this haul! I have heard good reviews on Bliss but I ever really looked into. So when I saw this set, I thought why not and I will that everything in this set is full size so it was definitely worth the price tag. 

FatGirlSlim: So I'm not too sure what this is but apparently it's suppose to help you with your trouble areas that are a little bit " out of shape " like your legs, your arms, your stomach so basically any body part. You're suppose to rub this product over the areas for about 20-30 seconds and it'll help you slim that area. I'm not sure if this will work but I guess I'll give it a try. 

Lemon+Sage Body Scrub: Since it is the winter time here I thought I would get my skin a little bit of love so when I saw this in the set, I knew I was excited to try it out. Now I thought the scent would be  a little weird ( be honest, if you looked at this scent would you think it would smell nice? ) but it's actually a nice light scent, not too heavy, I like. 

Lemon+Sage Body Butter: I think this will help make my body feel even softer after using the body scrub. I have already tried this out on my hands and I'll say that I like it so far. It's not too heavy and it has the light scent which is lovely. 

High Intensity Hand Cream: I know that I have heard great reviews on their hand creams, so when I saw that this was in the kit, I was excited to try it out. And I will say that I probably have the driest hands in the world during the winter time and that yet cute HAHA! 

Oh, I forgot to mention so for the Bliss set, to remind you guys everything in this set is full size and I got it for $72 CAD but I calculated the actual retail price and it would have costed me $127 CAD!! That's a difference of $55, that's almost one of these items =)  

Well that's all that I have! For right now that is! I definitely love the Christmas time because this is when companies comes out with great gift sets at a great or decent price tag. 

I also want to know if you guys have tried any of these products? Or anything from Bliss? 

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