Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just Some Essentials..

This is definitely going to be the shortest blog post that I've ever done =) So here's it is! 

I was browsing around MAC and checking out there new collections and I didn't really see anything that I liked and you know that feeling when you really really want to buy something? Well that's what I did, so I started looking at their permanent eyeshadow collection stands and of course I go towards the browns/neutral shades.

I remember hearing good things about " Swiss Chocolate " and " Sable " and so when I swatched them I wanted to get them. ( There are definitely alot more shades I want to get haha ) 

From Left to Right: Swiss Chocolate ( Matte ), Sable ( Frost )

As you can tell from the pan that Swiss Chocolate is a brown with reddish undertones while Sable is a gold-plum with bronze pearl as MAC describes on their website. I have used these two after purchasing and I will say that I'm a fan of Sable but not so much Swiss Chocolate, I find Swiss Chocolate a little bit hard to blend and I'm not sure if it is because it's the matte formula or maybe I just got a bad one. I'll still be testing it out so I'll let you guys know if it gets any better =) 

Well that's all! I told you it was going to be a short yet sweet post! What are some of your recent MAC purchases? Or if you purchased something else? 

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