Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: Tarina Tarantino's Jewel Eyeshadow Palette

Yay! I'm on a blogging roll and I'm loving it! I think it's the stress of work that helping me motivate myself which is weird.. But yay for you guys cause I will try and update my blog atleast 3 times a week ( I don't know if I mentioned that or not.. ) So before I trail off let's get started with the first product review of the year! :)

So just one or two posts before I did a makeup look with this palette Clicky click! and promised you guys I would do a review!

With Flash.

Without Flash.

First Impressions
I will say that before Tarina Tarantino re-formula-ed everything in her line, it sucked. There was no pigmentation in the eyeshadows, and if there was it was really chalky. But when I was in my Sephora I was browsing through her line and remembered people saying that she had redone everything so I did some swatches and I must it was a really big improvement. So of course being the neutral color kind of gal I went with a taupe-y and purple-y colored palette and off to the check out I go.

The eyeshadows apply to the eyes really nicely and there was hardly any fall outs which we all love! It is also easy to blend with other shades within the palette, the pigmentation of this palette is definitely there and it is a great everyday to night time palette. And this is definitely travel friendly because you don't want to carry alot of eyeshadows with you ( save room for those massive shopping sprees ;] haha! )

I do have ONE complaint about the palette and that is that sometimes it's really hard to open like maybe it's just me but I really had to dig my finger nails into the opening.

Swatches With Flash.

Swatches Without Flash.

Rating: 4/5
Price: $37-$39 CAN, $32 US

Overall I would recommend you guys checking out the eyeshadow palettes from the Tarina Tarantino line. I will also mention that these are on the pricier side so I think these can be easily duped in the drugstore eyeshadows, maybe I'll be able to find some dupes for you guys :)

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