Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection! Part 4: Purples

Hello again! :) I don't know why but it's almost 1 am here and I'm wide awake with nothing to do so I thought I would do a short blog post and what better to blog about is continuing on with my nail polish collection posts! :) So today it is all about the purples! Surprisingly I don't have many purples and I love the color purple, I guess I'm just not looking hard enough haha! Anyways let me get started here..

Left to Right: Essie's Bangle Jangle || Rumples Wigglin' ( From the Shrek collection ) || Loreal's Party Hop || A Grape Fit || China Glaze's Crackle " Fault Line " || Loreal's Iluminscence || I Brake For Manicures

Swatches! In The Same Order As Above! :)

Well this is all for the post! I think I do need some more purple nail polish cause it's such a pretty color, but there really isn't any nice/good ones out there. But if you have a favorite purple nail polish, list it in the comments below and I would love to go check it out! :)

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