Sunday, April 7, 2013

Drugstore Haul! ft. Loreal, Essie, Covergirl & More!

Hello my lovelies! I am back with another haul post and I think it will be the last one for a while so definitely look forward to product reviews, makeup looks and monthly favorites! =) Anyways enough of the chitchat, let's get right into it! 

** WARNING! This will be a very lengthy post!!! You have been warned!! **

So I was looking through some flyers and came across Shoppers ( it's a Canadian version of like Walgreens in the states ) and they had some awesome deals going on so I had to go check it out. 

The first area I went to was Loreal and their Colour Riche lip products were on sale for $6.99  ( regularly priced at $13.49 I believe ) so I had to pick up some most raved about Color Riche Lip Caresse Shine Stain. People have been saying that these are comparable to the YSL Lip Stain but at a budget friendly price =) The shades that I managed to pick up was 188 Coral Tattoo, 189 Pink Rebellion and 190 Endless Red. I can't wait to try these babies out and compare them to the YSL ones I have.

Next I was wanting a new mascara for some odd reason so when I saw some Loreal ones on sale I thought why not. The one that I picked up was the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes in the waterproof formula because waterproof formulas are the only ones that will actually hold the curl for a long period of time, and this mascara has gotten good reviews on it and I love mascaras that gives lengths just cause I need it lol! 

So then I moved onto the Covergirl section and I'm pretty sure you guys can guess what I picked up right? If you guessed Covergirl Stay Fabulous Outlast 3 in 1 Foundation then you can give yourself a pat on the back hehe! Of course I purchased this because of all the great reviews from different blogs and Youtube videos. I have already swatched it on my hands and I think I might have gotten a shade too dark so I'll have to head back to the store and exchange for another shade but the formula feels great, the coverage seems great but I'll see if it works with my skin later. 

As you guys know that I'm kind of a nail polish addict so I was browsing that section and I saw a Essie stand so I thought it was the new Resort collection but it was their Spring collection but the thing that got me was that this collection was on sale for $6 each and the regular price was $11.99 I believe so I grabbed the last three remaining ones without thinking. The shades that I got was Madison Hue Ave, Bond With Whomever & Avenue Maintain. 

Next I needed to pick up some nose strips and my favorite are the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. I haven't used one in ages and I took the opportunity last night to use it and it felt so good and I got alot of my whiteheads out ( yeah the strip looked pretty gross.. lol ) I would definitely recommend this product for anyone that is looking for something like this. And I also managed to pick up Maybelline The Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion cause I'm always on the hunt for a good but affordable makeup remover and I've been hearing good stuff about this line so why not give it a try. 

This was something new that I noticed and I haven't heard much reviews on this line but it seems to be okay so I thought I would give it a try and it's the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream I don't recall trying anything from Olay ( they are best known for products for mature skin and such ) so I thought this would be a good start! 

I was watching one of Missglamorazzi 's videos ( I can't remember which one it was lol ) but she was raving about these new lip balms and I thought it was really cute so I just had to pick it up! It's the Nivea Lip Butter in the Vanilla & Macadamia scent and I'm not really a fan of vanilla scented products but when I smelt this, it just smelt like chocolate so I was quite happy about that! 

On another day I headed to Walmart to pick up some essentials and not thinking I would go to the cosmetics area but sadly I did =( but I'm glad cause if I didn't I wouldn't have discovered Real Techniques Makeup Brushes By Samantha Chapman! I was really happy when I saw these because I thought I would never get a chance to get my hands on them, now I can see if it's really worth the hype! I picked up the set for face brushes and I might go back for the eye brushes set if these ones are good =) 

I will have to say that this was kind of an impulse buy but seriously it was too cute to pass up! I first saw it on Thatsheart 's instagram and then I saw it in store, if you've guessed Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine then you are correct! I'm not the best person to describe scents but I'll give it a try. 
The original Daisy from the permanent line is more of a floral and musky scent where as Daisy Sunshine is more on the fruity side yet there's some hints of floral. So if you're a fan of the original then I would definitely recommend you go and smell this and possibly purchase it as well because it is a limited edition. 

Last but not least I picked this up on a whim and the packaging definitely suckered me in, it's the Bath&Body Works Lemon Mint Leaf Candle and if you guys know me then you know that I'm a sucker for anything that has citrus in it and the color of the candle definitely got me too! This candle will make my room have the scent of freshness which I like hehe

Well if you have read till here then I would like to thank you guys for taking the time to read all of this! I hope that you guys enjoyed this and I'll definitely try to get some product review posts up on these items soon! =) And I want to know what have you guys bought recently from the drugstore? =) Score any great deals? 

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